New connections within the Municipality of Curtatone
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New connections within the Municipality of Curtatone

APAM, in agreement with the Municipality of Curtatone and the Agency for Local Public Transport of Mantova and Cremona areas, will activate from Monday 3rd February 2020 a renovation of lines 9 and 11 that will allow a direct connection for the users resident in S. Silvestro and Levata with the municipality seat and other services in the territory, with no need of passing by Mantova city centre. 


Line 9 will carry out the connection with Green Park during non-working days and, after reaching the new end-of-line in Corte Spagnola, it will proceed for San Silvestro, Levata and the Hospital as line 11 except runs at 7.20 a.m. and 3.20 p.m. leaving from Mantova.


Line 11 currently ends in Eremo, will extend the route up to the new end-of-line in Corte Spagnola, seat of the Municipality of Curtatone, then it proceeds for Mantova as line 9.


The two lines will be separated but will compose a circular route that will connect Montanara, Eremo, San Silvestro among them and with Mantova.


APAM reminds its customers that line 11 carries out its service is only in working days (from Monday to Saturday), therefore return runs of line 9 in non-working days will not carry out the deviation for San Silvestro and Levata but will follow a direct route for Mantova, keeping starting end-of-line from Corte Spagnola and arrival in V. Emanuele 1.


The timetable of runs leaving from Mantova in both lines will remain unchanged and the timetable of return runs will be slightly modified due to the new routes.

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