"Nugo" arrives in Mantova
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"Nugo" arrives in Mantova

Nugo application, developed by the Italian Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato, is operative also in Mantova in order to arrange different transport combinations and to promote the integrated sustainable mobility.


The app is very simple and intuitive: if you choose departure and destination, Nugo makes a list of every possible solution in order to reach the desired place, combining different means of trasport and showing the trip duration and price for each one of them. When you have chosen your means of transport or the combination of more ones, Nugo gives you the opportunity to buy or to book the tickets. The app makes the transfers quicker and more convenient.


You have the opportunity to buy urban bus tickets for the A+B area (they last 75 minutes); in this case, the ticket price has no additional cost.


Buying a ticket with your smartphone is very simple with Nugo; the payment is quick and safe with your credit card or other innovative systems such as Amazon Pay, Paypal, Satispay, ApplePay or through bank transfer with Mybank.


The application will be increased in the next months with an upgrade, and there will be the opportunity to buy urban bus daily tickets (A+B area) and suburban bus tickets for the services run by Apam. Nugo app will be gradually completed with the information about the public trasport in Mantova, timetables, and possible variations or itinerary changes.


The app is available for free download in a few clicks from Google Play and Apple Store.

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