The new APAM’s educational project gets underway
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The new APAM’s educational project gets underway

“LET’S CLEAR THE AIR” is the title conceived for 2018/2019 educational project that is aimed at creating understanding and educating about sustainable transport and respect.


Ever since, the keyword on which APAM’s educational projects are based, as well as this year’s interventions is respect: respect towards the environment, public assets such as shared places and objects like buses and towards others, i.e. trip companions.


Realized in cooperation with Teatro Magro, the project is addressed to primary school students (attending 4th and 5th year of elementary schools) and 1st and 2nd degree of secondary schools (attending 1st and 2nd year of secondary school) by a unique proposal, duly adapted to the different age ranges concerned, by a plenary meeting through a strong direct involvement of all the children involved.


The conclusion of “LET’S CLEAR THE AIR” project will coincide once again with APAM’s Open Day, in spring 2019, during which children will have the possibility of closely observing the local transport company’s organisation and experiencing the last part of the project that includes news and surprises involving the whole city.


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