Useful information for our users
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Useful information for our users

In compliance with Ministerial prescriptions, we are taking specific precautionary measures to protect the safety and health of our users and our staff:


• We sanitize all vehicles daily, with particular attention to the surfaces of greatest contact (i.e. seats, supports and handrails).


• We ask users to only get on and off the rear doors and respect the minimum distance of 1 meter from the driver and other passengers.


• We have temporarily suspended the sale of tickets on board, but travel tickets can be purchased in several other ways.


• We have temporarily suspended public access to the Lost Property Office, but the recovery of what is lost on the bus is carried out regularly.


For information on urban and interurban service until April 3rd click here

+39 0376 230 339 (from monday to sunday 7.30 - 19.00)
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