Winter service available from Thursday 12th September 2019
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Winter service available from Thursday 12th September 2019

In connection with the start of school year, from Thursday 12th September 2019 until 8th June 2020, winter timetable of urban and interurban services will be in force.


News for 2019/2020 winter service:

On urban line no. 12 end of line transfer from V. Emanuele 1 to LIBERTÀ 1 bus stop in Corso Libertà, 3 (BNL), the variations introduced during summer are confirmed, runs will be extended up to Gazzo and Stradella;

Concerning line 4C all adjustments are confirmed with all the runs starting and ending from the end of line in San Giorgio Caselle, in Piazza 8 Marzo;

concerning Palazzo TE shuttle the new arrival end of line is confirmed in the city centre in Via P.F. Calvi and all the stops leaving from TE parking area in Montelungo (square in front of Bocciofila) and Palasport (in Piazzale Ragazzi del '99) remain unchanged;

interurban line no. 2, in connection with the conclusion of the works at Crocevia in Medole, will have a newly activated bus stop, for dedicated runs, between the two roundabouts at the crossroad between S.S. 236 and S.P. 8, therefore it will no longer stop in alignment with strada Ca' Morino.


Important confirmations of the adjustments carried out in the last few months concerning interurban lines no. 8, 13, 55, 57C and 58 with the final replacement of the end of line in Piazza Mangeri in Asola with the new bus stop in Piazzale Forchini.


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