APAM informs its users that – due to the ongoing closure of Via Paride Suzzara Verdi because of urban requalification works in Frassino and in accordance with the Municipality of Mantova and with the Agency for Local Public Transport of Mantova and Cremona areas- starting from Monday 8th February 2021 the route of line 12 will be modified in order to ease Frassino users.


The new route of line 12, except for the first two runs leaving in the morning from the relevant bus stops that will undergo no variation, in the following runs will be modified as follows:


All the runs leaving from the city from 7,50 a.m. , after CIPATA 2 stop in Strada Cipata, will no longer stop in Via Canneti and Via Piemonte but they will go through Via Caduti (CADUTI 1  and CADUTI 2 bus stops), Piazza Frassino (FRASSINO 1 stop) and Via S. Geminiano (S. GEMINIANO 2 stop), then they will join the regular route in Via Pozzo;


All the runs leaving from Gazzo di Bigarello from 8,30 a.m., after the bus stop in Via Pozzo, will not stop in Via Piemonte and Via Canneti but they will go through via S. Geminiano (S. GEMINIANO 2 stop), Piazza Frassino (FRASSINO 1 stop), Via Caduti (CADUTI 2 stop) and Strada Cipata (CIPATA 3 stop), then they will join the regular route in CIPATA 2 stop.


The route variation of line 12 will be valid also for non-working days runs. Runs will be every 45 minutes in working days and every 35 minutes in non-working days.

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