Travel rules
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Travel rules


Public transport has never stopped, but has adapted to the situation generated by the COVID-19 emergency. We take care to ensure that APAM buses travel with a capacity of 80% and that the distribution of users is monitored in order to guarantee the service to everyone in complete safety.


We invite everyone using buses to respect 5 simple rules to protect your health and that of others.


1. Always wear a surgical mask or higher-level personal protective equipment correctly during the trip and always ensure proper hand hygiene, also using the dispensers available on board the bus;


2. Pursuant to Italian Law Decree no. 172 of 26 November 2021, non-exempt categories must be in possession of a valid Green Pass;


3. Always keep a distance of 1 metre from others at the bus stop;


4. Only get on the bus if seats are available, otherwise please wait for the next service: we invite everyone to respect instructions given by our staff and the markings on buses and trains and in underground stations;


5. Do not stand in the area in front of the driver on board the bus.


We remind you that in order to ensure the safety of all travellers, we disinfect and sanitise all our buses on a daily basis.


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