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A.P.A.M. spa (Azienda Pubblici Autoservizi Mantova), established in 1996 after Consorzio Mantovano Trasporti Pubblici was trasformed into a public listed company, is a company owned by public authorities in the province of Mantua (The Province of Mantua, the municipality of Mantua and another 67 municipalities in the province).  In 2002 the operational transport services were transferred to Newco Apam Esercizio srl, a limited liability company since 2004.

Currently, Apam spa owns 54.92% of the shares in Apam Esercizio spa. Apam spa holds ownership of the infrastructure and vehicles necessary for the transport services (local public transport, school transport and commissioned rentals with drivers) used by Apam Esercizio spa.

The head office is located in Via dei Toscani 3/c, Mantua.