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APAM provides the public transportation service on the entire territory of the provinces of Mantova through 43 lines, some of which run in the neighbouring areas (Brescia, Verona, Parma and Modena). The buses of Interurban lines are distinguished by their blue color.


Interurban lines run along 1262 bus stops which are located averagely in every 1 km in residential areas. Some of the bus stops are equipped with electronic timetable systems which appear in two different types:

  • electronic displays showing the arrival time of the lines in circulation;
  • interactive display system PIK which is developed by APAM in order to provide passengers with real-time data about ride routes through a TFT monitor which is a transreflective display powered by solar panels.

I giorni di servizio sono 360 su 365 con sospensione completa del servizio il 1° maggio, 25 dicembre, 1° gennaio, Pasqua e 15 agosto.
The service is divided into two periods: the winter period is from the 1st January until the ending date of schools and from the starting date of schools until the 31st December; and the summer period is from the ending date of schools until the starting day of the successive academic year.

During the academic year, the service circulation program is built by paying maximum attention to the needs and demands of students.
Ride hours of the lines largely used by school students are regulated according to the starting and finishing hours of schools by keeping in touch with the representative institutions in education field.