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APAM Travel provides rental services for personalized tours, school trips and sport events.


The fleet includes 14 vehicles::

  • 8 buses Mercedes Granturismo with 49-56 seats
  • 1 bus Mercedes Granturismo (Tourino model) with 33 seats
  • 1 bus Iveco Indcar Granturismo (“Mago 2” model) with 30 seats
  • 1 bus with ramp to provide wheelchair access


Requests for quotation can be made:
by sending an email to
by calling the number 0376 230 355


The APAM head office is open from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm to guarantee a close follow-up for all vehicles in circulation. From 9.00 pm to 5.00 am there is an emergency number for any complaints
An extra bus is always available to be placed into service if needed to replace a vehicle in circulation due to a mechanical failure. Drivers are strictly required to follow the mandatory regulations about driving times by taking a break of 15+30 minutes after every 4.5 hours of driving.
If the driving time is more than nine hours per day, we guarantee a second driver to switch during the ride. This service is provided also when the driving time is to exceed 15 hours.