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In case the customer wants to contact APAM for warnings, complaints or any other reasons during or after a ride, the operating unit APAM is available every day from 07.30 to 19.00.

You can contact the Social Customer Care by:

  • calling the number 0376230339
  • sending an email to
  • texting a message on WhatsApp using the number 348 2317678,
  • writing us on Facebook or Twitter

You can find all the information on our website, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, through which we provide real-time updated information including all data feeds, news and change notifications about the service.


We have a high opinion of the new communication media and we are aware of the importance of accurate and timely information and close interaction with our customers. Social media tools provide us an active relation with our customers through which we are able to convey real-time data feeds, communicate about drawbacks and specific needs, and find solutions rapidly and immediately.  

APAM, in its own field, is one of the first three Italian companies to introduce social media tools like Twitter (@apam_mn) and Facebook ( as new ways of communication with customers.

Whatsapp, as our most recently introduced tool, proves how much importance we give to communication instruments in order to simplify the ways of interaction on social media and contact with our customers.