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All urban and interurban buses have ibox, which is a device that allows us to monitor the real-time status of the service.
The generated data feed a service that distributes the same information to electronic poles placed in the stop, to the website and to the mobile app of APAM in order to inform the users in real time about the state of the service.
The operation center located at our head office monitors remotely the state of every single ride during the whole service and is ready to intervene at any moment.



The BusTv system that all the urban fleet has today, is not just a monitor but a device which is able to cooperate with the ibox system for all practical purposes.

The connection between BusTv, which is equipped with its own sound system, and on-board computer allows announcing a voicemail on the urban line buses: the voice synthesizer alerts passengers to the going on stop and the coming stop. The system also feeds the display on the exterior sides of the the bus which indicates the number and the destination of the line.

BusTV system is an important and remarkable achievement that has been realized through a collaboration with the Municipality of Mantua, local associations, The Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted, Democratic Renewal Movement of the Disabled, which started in 2010 with the foundation of the CC line.


Since 2012 APAM has been supporting the "eco-driving" project, which aims to reduce consumption and improve safety through a careful and responsible driving.

The project provides DST technology (Driving Style Tools) on board, which is able to monitor and measure the driving attitudes of the drivers in real time in terms of consumption and safety. By this way, drivers are able to keep track of their attitude standards andtake the necessary precautions for a safer and more eco-friendlydriving.



To ensure a totally safe ride, which is the most essential value for a public transportation company, all our vehicles are equipped with detection systems and automatic fire extinguishing systems of "fogmaker" and "firecom".


We are in the testing phase of the new video surveillance system 3 in 1 with "Axis F44" units, which is a multi-view solution that allows monitoring three different areas at the same time thanks to its simultaneous streaming.
The system is currently installed in four of the vehicles and it is subject to a trial period after which it will be applied to the other vehicles.