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To encourage families and expand alternative environment-friendly ways of transportation, APAM schoolbus offers various solutions for local school transportation including ages from kindergarten to middle high school.
Through collaboration with many municipalities, the routes of our school buses are periodically updated according to needs and demands in order to reduce distances between bus stops and residential areas of students.
The local school transportation service management is awarded by means of public tenders promoted by the concerned municipalities.


Currently we serve, directly or in partnership with other carriers of the territory, in the following towns:

  • Borgovirgilio
  • Carpenedolo
  • Castel Goffredo
  • Castenedolo
  • Curtatone
  • Gazoldo degli Ippoliti
  • Gonzaga
  • Monzambano
  • Piubega
  • Porto Mantovano
  • Remedello
  • Roncoferraro
  • San Benedetto Po
  • San Giorgio
  • Suzzara
  • Valeggio sul Mincio
  • Viadana


The safety of our users is priceless.
We regularly carry out thorough checks on the means and adopt any strategy to ensure high safety standards.
The operation center, running every day from 5.00 to 21.00, ensures a constant communication between the company and vehicles in circulation.
Each driver assigned with the school transport service is equipped with a company telephone in order to be easily accessible in case of necessity, and in case of failure of the vehicle. The emergency team operates within 45 'from the breakdown or accident message for the replacement of the bus.

The appropriate policies we have provide adequate insurance cover for injury or damage to all the students who benefit from the school transport service.