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For a new subscription you must first request a personal APAM badge, which is valid for five years.
To request a badge, you need to fill out the application form with the required data and hand it in with your passport photograph and a copy of your identity card (or that of one of your parents if you are underage).

The purchasing of yearly season ticket replaces APAM named card, while for those who choose season ticket in instalments or monthly/weekly season ticket a renewal tag is issued and shall be kept together with APAM named card. APAM named card and renewal tag shall always be coupled; in addition, it is reminded that only original tickets are valid (no photocopies or pictures are allowed).

You can buy or renew a monthly pass in official points of sale from the 20th of the previous month until the 1st of the month of validity*.

You can renew your subscription up to 8 days after the expiry in official points of sale. 



If the 1st of the month is Sunday, the validity extends up to the following working day.